Docudrama, Crime / 5 x 60 min / 2017 / Czech Republic


The most-watched documentary series in Czech history

A fascinating true story of a legendary Czech prisoner Jiri Kajinek, who was sentenced to a life imprisonment for a double murder and was granted amnesty by the president after 24 years in jail. He managed to escape a maximum-security prison claiming he was innocent and became a phenomenon of the present time. In his striking confessions, Jiri Kajinek plays the role of a guide who offers the audience a glimpse into the secret life of a criminal. Authentic testimonies, revelations by the policemen and prosecutors, re-enactment of the murders, key witnesses for the first time on camera and more. The gripping 5-episode docuseries, based on exclusiveness of all materials, poses a question: is this a captivating story of a wrongfully convicted person or a myth of a folk hero far beyond the limits of morality?

The series breaks records in viewership in the Czech Republic attracting
1,3 Million Viewers
28% TV Market Share
977.000 average number of viewers per episode

International rights available.

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