GAGARIN: First in Space

GENRE: Adventure, Biography, Drama
STATUS: Completed
RELEASE: 6 June 2013 (Russia)
DIRECTOR: Pavel Parkhomenko
WRITERS: Andrey Dmitriev, Oleg Kapanets
CAST: Yaroslav Zhalnin, Mikhail Filippov, Olga Ivanova
PRODUCERS: Andrey Dmitriev, Oleg Kapanets
SYNOPSIS: On April 12, 1961, Soviet cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin blasted off in a Vostok rocket, becoming the first human in space and orbiting Earth for 108 minutes. He was one of the first group of cosmonauts who were selected from over three thousand fighter pilots throughout the Soviet Union. Whilst strapped into his rocket, Gagarin reflects on his life, which is intercut with the determination of the Russian space team and their untiring efforts to send a man into space.