GENRE: 3D Family Animation, Adventure, Comedy
STATUS: Pre-Production
BUDGET: $14 000 000
DIRECTOR: Slava Ushakov
WRITERS: Gregory Poirier, Vadim Sveshnikov, Maxim Sveshnikov
PRODUCERS: Fedor Bondarchuk, Alexander Chistyakov
PRODUCTION COMPANY: Art Pictures Studio, Glukoza Animation, Illumination Entertainment
SYNOPSIS: An original interpretation of Baba Yaga’s story that goes beyond the traditional image of this character. What led the young sorceress Yadviga to turn into the recluse Yaga, living on a swamp in a hut on chicken legs? And what will happen when Princess Sapphire accidentally stumbles across Yaga’s swamp in her quest to find rejuvenating apples at the world’s edge for her evil witch stepmother? Baba Yaga is a colorful and fascinating journey, in which the power of friendship and faith in humanity triumphs over betrayal and evil.